July 4, 2018

Webinars Conducted by GSTN in year 2018(As on 12 Sep 2018)

No Webinar Topic Content Coverage Language
1 Filing of Appeal at GST portal 1. Relevant Provisions and Forms
2. Timelines for filing appeal
3. Pre-deposit of amount, effect on recovery
4. How to File Appeal at portal
Hindi English  Marathi Tamil
2 Online Filing of Form GSTR-7 on GST Portal by Tax Deductors 1. Section and Rule related to Form GSTR-7
2. Filing Form GSTR-7 on GST Portal
3. TDS Credit to Deductee
Hindi English
3 New Features in Eway bill portal 1. Multivehicle updation in EWB with Live Demo
2. Preview option for EWB  and New utilities for bulk generation
3. Bill to -Ship to clarifications
Hindi English Marathi Tamil
4 Intimation of Voluntary payment (Form DRC-03)  New Functionality on GST Portal – Vol 4 1. Step by Step guide for filing Form DRC-03 at GST portal Hindi English Marathi Tamil
5 New Functionalities on GST Portal-Vol 3 1. Application for revocation of cancellation of registration
2. Tracking IGST Refund Status on basis of ARN
3. Export Ledger, Misc. Changes
Hindi English Marathi Tamil 
6 Filing TRAN 2 in GST portal 1.Provisions relating to TRAN 2
2. Steps for filing TRAN -2
3.Common Errors in filing TRAN 2
Hindi  English Marathi Tamil 
7 New functionalities on GST Portal- Vol 2 1. Option to change Return frequency
2. Payment of reduced penalty on portal DRC 07
3.  Amendment and New features of GSTR6 in ISD, Supplies from Custom Bonded Warehouse
Hindi  English  Marathi Tamil 
8 UIN related matters with creation Form  GSTR11 and Form GST RFD 10 1.Download  and filling up Form GSTR -11,
2.Creation of JSON file including addition and deletion of records
3.How to create Application for Refund in Form GST RFD-10
9 New functionalities on GST Portal- Vol 1 1. Filing of Advance Ruling Application
2. Payment of non-return related liabilities
3.Miscellaneous features : Contact details of Tax Officials
Hindi  English Tamil Marathi
10 E Way Bill Overview – Vol 3 1. Generation of e-Way Bill,Multiple modes of e-Way Bill generation
2. Extension, Cancellation and Rejection of e-Way Bill
3. E Way Bill Portal Live Demo
Hindi English Bengali Kannada Punjabi 
11 E Way Bill Overview – Vol 2 1. Familiarization with Dash Board
2. How to generate Eway bill from the portal
3. How to update the Vehicle details in Eway Bill
4. How to Cancel the Eway bill
Hindi English Bengali Kannada Punjabi 
12 New Features in Form GSTR3B Filing 1. Rules & filing dates of Form GSTR 3B
2.New Features in  Form GSTR 3B filing
Hindi English Tamil Marathi
13 Resolution of Issues in Refund of IGST on export of goods 1. Reason of pendency of IGST refunds
2. Tracking status of IGST Refunds
3. Type of validations
4. Common mistakes and their correction
14 E Way Bill Overview – Vol 1 1. Objectives,  Benefits, Legal provisions and Exemptions
2. E Way Bill portal – main features registration
3. Modes of generation
4. modification and cancellation of E Way Bill
5. Extension of validity of E Way Bill, Demonstration
Hindi English Marathi Malayalam Tamil